Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hogle Zoo

One of our favorite things to do in Salt Lake is go to Hogle Zoo. I took a lot of pictures, so bare with me on this post. (I have been taking advantage of Rachael's Internet and these post will be the last until the first day of school pictures are taken: )

I can not get enough of this girl. She is the greatest, NEVER cries, and can keep up with the best of us on these busy jam packed days! Jane Taylor, LOVE her!

Rachael and I let all the kids have ICEEs. They all were loving having their own. We normally make them all share one!

The girls and me; )

Jack was so cute, he kept kissing this ugly rhino! He thought it was a dinosaur.

The girls are always fascinated with this elephant!

When ever there is face painting around my girls beg me to do it! And surprisingly enough Jack was up for it this time too!

We thought Jack would want a Dinosaur, but he was dead set on getting an elephant! He was such a big boy and held perfectly still!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today we went to the new water park in Draper. I came to Utah to help Rachael pack up to leave to Cambodia ) ; We had to have some fun last memories, so today was Cowabunga Bay and tomorrow the zoo. The day are entertaining the kiddos and the nights are filled of sorting and packing. (Kristina and her girls are all sick, we were so sad we didn't get to see them today!)

Chloe was a tropper, she took Jack on all the slides and on the lazy river, in between her trips down the slides.

Jane was the greatest sunbaby I know. She just soaked it up the whole time!

Chloe and Ellie were fearless! They went down all 10 slides many times over. This one is the biggest slide! They loved it!

They all loved this bucket, 100s of gallons of water pouring on their head!

A FUN Day!


Strangely enough I have really started to enjoy camping! The girls love it and it is a time when we can all relax, away from the phone and just spend time together. Again I'm so bad at taking pictures right now and missed some great times just around the fire. Ellie loves the flaming marshmallow and Chloe can make them perfectly golden brown. The one AWESOME thing we did do this time, was go horse back riding! The girls loved it! Ellie had a little fall, but she got right back on and loved the experience! Chloe was on cloud nine and now is trying to figure out how she could get a horse at our house; )They paint rocks, hike, wade through the river, and eat really yummy food! It's amazing to be out in nature and so close to Heavenly Father's creations.

Happy Birthday Chloe: 7 years old!!!

Chloe turned seven! I can not believe it, I'm still in denial and tell everyone she is 6. She is very quick to correct me "Mommm, I'm seven!" We had a little party when Papaw Mark was in town and then she had a party Finch's house and then a kid party! Summer birthdays are way too much fun!!!!

The kid party was so much fun! We had the best little friends come over! They had a great time and of course the only pictures I took were blowing out the candles. The kids played with the slip-and-slide, pizza, pinata, and cupcakes! We also had Allison stay the night, it was so much fun!

I really have become such a BAD photographer. There were so many family and friends at these parties and I didn't document any of it) ; Thank you to all of you that love and support my girls. We are all so blessed with wonderful people surrounding us!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

4th of July

My GIRLS and me!

Baby Jane and Baby Nora - the sweetest babies I can't get enough!

All the cousins were in town we had a BLAST! Bella and Olea aka-Coke, stayed with me while Ben and Kristina went to Santa Fe. I had so much FUN having a two year old around! I forgot so many things, #1 always have a diaper with you ; ) but it was FUN, I miss having a little one around!