Thursday, August 27, 2009


One of my best friends, the girls' Autie Jessica, is a wonderful photographer! She took the girls on a photo shoot, which they loved! She got so many great shots I couldn't choose a few favorites, I had too many that I loved.

Jessica found this RED wall in Aztec. The house was burnt down and only had four walls. This red wall was a perfect place to take pictures.

The girls both got Converse High Tops: Chuck Talyors, and they love them. They think they are awesome. It's a blast from the past each time I see them!

These are their fancy shirts with matching scarves! They had to have them!

These are my absolute favorite! I can not believe how old and beautiful they are getting) ;

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Chloe Lynn Finch- Light PINK highlights (extensions - they come out in a week) ! 7 years old

Ellie Tye Finch- Bright RED highlights (extensions -they come out in a week)! 5 1/2 years old

This was such a hard decision, but I'm glad I did it! They both look so cute, and they love it! Only sad part is, it will be awhile before we have koala ears again.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I really don't know how to start this, but I am saying goodbye to my best friend in the whole wide world-Rachael. She is moving half way across the WORLD to Cambodia. I have been in Utah for the last week helping her organize and sell the insides of her house, everything is furnished in Cambodia. WE HAVE PLAYED THE DAYS AWAY ENTERTAINING Chloe, Ellie, Jack, and sweet Jane - But at night we have worked until the early morning getting things ready. We have had a great time together a memory that will be talked about in the future and we look forward to visiting her Asian Style: ) These are the last of my photos, RANDOM - I was too busy to really document the last few days well~
This is only a fraction of the stuff, minus the furniture, clothes and kitchen items...

The Felsing Home

The last day and last of the garage sale items. (The first day was so crazy I can hardly remember how we got everything outside: )

Chloe and Ellie busy at work, organizing the tables.

Ellie took this picture of herself, with the camera on the table.

We let Chloe and Ellie have a Lemonade Stand - they drink and ate more than they sold!

I painted Jane Taylors toes hot pink during the down times of the last day! So cute, I love all her rolls; )

Ok, this is so RANDOM - But this little boy came walking up to the table and had this little chihuahua in his hands. It was so tiny it didn't even look real! It was for sale and to make a long story short - Ellie's wildest dream came true when we bought LOLA; )
(I know! My mom said she doesn't even know me anymore!)

Ellie said, "I have to call ALLISON (her cousin) she is going to have a heart attack when I tell her that I got a chihuahua! She lloovvess them, just like me!"

This is a great morning shoot of all 4 watching a show!

One of my jobs was feeding Jane! (My favorite job of the whole trip!) She is the cutest!


The flash kept making Jane close her eyes; ) Still so cute!


Love you Auntie Cho, Jack, and Jane; )