Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Sunday afternoon... the only time to make cookies in our crazy schedule. Thanks Kristina for the cutest aprons ever!!!

Yummm, my favorite is the dough, so how can I refuse them the joy of a spoonful ; )

First Day of School! (a month late!)

Sweet Ellie Tye 4 1/2

Chloe Lynn 6. She is so TALL!

Me ; ) All New Mexico 6th -8th grades received MacBooks this year! So cool!

In front of our new house!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A BUSY New School Year!!!

I have to download my pictures, but a quick update... School started, Ellie goes to preschool every morning, Chloe is in 1st Grade, and I'm teaching 8th Grade English with one ESL class, and volleyball again -yikes- The girls start ballet today, they are so excited! AND We moved out of my mom's and Ron's into the cutest little house! : ) I got extremely SICK from the stress of it all - nothing new there, : ( but am feeling much better! Pictures of all these firsts to follow!

The Fair 2008

The girls love the Finch tradition of going to the FAIR. They were so lucky because they went twice, they had to show me those first place ribbons! (thanks Amber; )

Paul and Katie showed up, which was so much fun! Chloe loved all the SCARY rides and was big enough to go on them by herself!!! She is a blur, but I couldn't believe how brave she was!!!!