Saturday, August 9, 2008

Slumber Party!

We had a slumber party with their favorite cousin Allison. Swimming, Dunkin Doughnuts, Crafts, Movies, etc...

Aunt Amber is amazing and always finds time each summer to enter her children's art and collections in the local fair. So this year I decided to let the girls all Puff Paint a shirt and enter it also in the fair, thanks to Amber for doing my leg-work too! We bought the shirts and iron-on decal (princess of course) and then the girls went to town.

Chloe's First Basketball Camp ; )

This last week, Chloe has been having a blast at basketball camp! She was thrilled to receive her first basketball, t-shirt, and water bottle. lol

Before camp, practicing keeping her guard up.

She is a such a good dribbler. She does it with such ease. It was a little scary to see such resemblance to her dad... I was taking second looks at all the photos, her body, form, and expressions are identical!!!

Here she is beating a 2nd grader to the basket. I know she doesn't have much of a choice when it comes to this sport, but she truly shines on the court. She had such a great time, and I look forward to many games cheering her on.

Cho and Jackie Chan

I love this picture!

I'm so sad because I had a ton of great photos and the ones that actually made it on the disk were the Connie Mack Parade pictures! They are cute, but only a glimpse of the FUN Rach and I had while she was in Farminton for a couple of weeks!

Colton Avery stayed with Grams and Peeps this summer so he could play in the World Series!

Chloe with her missing teeth, she has lost 3 ; )

PAPAW came to town

I have had these forever but lost the cd, and finally found it to show! We had the greatest time with my dad. The girls love to be around him!

Paul, Dad and I went to Durango one of the days! Of course Paul is looking great for the camera.