Thursday, March 25, 2010

Big Mak

For some reason all the people I love, love dogs!
Miss Ellie is the biggest dog-lover of them all and
takes all opportunities possible to be with Mak!
Mak is a 150 lb Great Dane -
~Big MAK ~
This dog has no idea how big he really is!
My girls! I love them so much! They really are the greatest!
Ellie and Mak - she does this to him all the time; )
They both truly love each other!
My sweet Chlo Bug - she informed us the other day that
she will keep the 'koala ears' hair style until she is 11; ) lol
Chloe will never stop the dare-devil climbing -
she gives all who are not use to it a heart attack
The end of a great walk - beginning of a true friendship; )

Parks are fun...

when Uncle Paul, Auntie Katie and Nora G - show up!!!!
My girls adore Miss Nora ; )
Ellie being her wonderful self : o )
I love this shot!!!
It's a rare moment when this little one will sit on your lap and distracting her with my sunglasses only lasted seconds! She is the greatest!