Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ellie's Kindergarten Graduation

The kindergarten preformed a program and then had GRADUATION ; )
I cannot believe that my baby will be in first grade!!!
Teddy Bear ABC's.
"D is for David who is just like his Pop.
Their noses are BIG and his ears kinda FLOP!" - Ellie
Ellie loves to sing and dance!
She gave me a private performance a few times before the big day!
Molly Simpkins is one of Ellie's best friends at school!
Congratulations Ellie Tye - We love you!
On to the 1st Grade!!!

Thank goodness for Grams -
I don't know what I would do without my wonderful Mom!
She went to the graduation and took these pictures!
I love you!

Berg Park - We live there when the sun is out!!!

Ellie warming up the dog; )
She is the cutest!
(this face reminds me of when she was younger,
she hasn't changed much!)
Chloe too! They are the best!
I am so blessed to have two beautiful, talented, healthy girls!
Steve and Mak - the 2 guys in my life now; )
So cute - Best Friends!!!
Someday, I will have to stop dressing these 2 s twins; )
Why is skipping rocks so HARD?!!!
We practice every time we are near water! (I'm the worst!)
Chloe is sooo close!
Ellie not so much!
The girls, Mak and me ; )
Too much FUN in the sun! ALWAYS ; )

Roadside Saturday Fun

(Somehow the girls always talk me into going to these crazy road side carnivals; )
The girls are thrill seekers!!!
Miss Chloe is getting sooo TALL,
I can hardly believe it!
I don't do rides, but Steve was up for the challenge!
This ride looked like it was
"stuck together with peanut butter and jelly,"
but Chloe had no fear!
Chloe flashing the peace sign, even 20 feet up in the air!!!
Miss Ellie passes on this one for cotton-candy!!!
Ellie is wonderful! She has grown up so much this year!
House of Mirrors ; )
Chloe- "that one made my heart fizz!"
Steve and the girls!
(He's the best, always up for whatever!
And trust me we are always on the GO! )
Me and the girls - Chloe was bugged with all the pictures!
She wanted to start eating that giant snow cone!
We LOVE snow cones!!!
(It makes me miss Aunt Cho!)