Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Toothless Wonders!

Both of my girls are waiting for a visit from the "Tooth Fairy" tonight!

Chloe has lost 8 teeth!

Ellie lost her 2 bottom teeth today!
(The dentist had to pull them both, she had the big guys growing behind the baby ones- yikes; )

Monday, January 18, 2010

We heart Auntie Jessica <3

We heart Auntie Jessica
Jessica took a ton of pictures this holiday of my girls!!! She is such a great Aunt! Thank you!

I want everyone to know, that I know, I am truly lucky and I'm so grateful to have so much talent in our families! There is no shortage of GREAT pictures of Chloe and Ellie around here; ) I love it!!!!

Finch Family Cousins
(Chloe and Ellie really have 12 cousins now,
Brex Morris was just born this weekend)
Grandma Sue and Papa John are so proud of these guys!
What beautiful Grandchildren!

I LOVE this picture! The girls are getting so grown up!

The girls and their dad-
Chloe loves this picture!

And this one is Ellie's favorite!