Saturday, October 9, 2010

I have a new blog!

New Blog ; )

Click above to see our new blog!
(It's still in the works, but I'll be posting new stuff there.)
Hope everyone is doing well! We miss you!
Chloe, Ellie, Steve and Leah

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Balloon Fiesta Week

October 1st - 6:30 am
Enchanted Hills Elementary School Field
Hot Chocolate * Doughnuts * 5 HUGE Hot-Air Balloons!!!
Our school is so cool! We had a blast!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tramway in ABQ

Gram and Peeps came to visit! The girls and I have really missed having them part of our everyday life! It was so great to see them again! We had so much fun with them, as always! We went on the Tram - which was amazing! I strongly suggest it to anyone who hasn't gone! It was my first time but now one of my favorite things to do here in ABQ!

Ellie was a little nervous but once she got on she had a blast!

The girls checking out the view!

The incredible view! It is amazing up there! You ride up viewing the New Mexico Mountains and ABQ city scape and on the other side of the mountain it is like you are in Colorado! Beautiful in so many different ways!
Peeps, Gram, and the girls at the top!

The other side! It was so beautiful and green!

I love this picture! We have never taken one of just the girls! ; )

Chloe watching the sunset! We ate at the top! The food is awesome and the view in breath taking!
The girls and me!
SO MUCH FUN!!! Come visit us and we will be sure to go!
The next day Mom and Ron went to the temple and then we met them for lunch and some yummy Ice Cream! ; )
We had a blast THANK YOU~

Rio Grande River

This is our very own Marmaduke!

When Mak was staying with us we took him down to the Rio Grande - And we had a blast!

The girls love ANY water!!!

And they both love to play! Especially get dirty! More Ellie than Chloe! But they had FUN! MUD SCUB!

Super Models! Even Mak ; )

Mak really is a great dog! We love when he comes! It's perfect for me - and is good enough for Ellie for now! Sooner or later she is going to make us get another dog! She loves animals!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cousins and MAK

We are so lucky to have Steve's sister here in Rio Rancho! The girls love playing with Ava and Tanner! Mak was also visiting this weekend!

Silly Picture!

The girls, Steve, and my step-dog Mak ; )

Mak sleeps all day! He is the funniest dog! Ellie especially loves him and is always laying on him!

My Cute Family!

Uncle Cliffs

My Dad came to visit us! And the girls convinced him to go to Uncle Cliffs - FUN!!! : ) Chloe of course was a dare-devil. I didn't get any good pictures. I think the spinning ride, right off the bat didn't help, but I kept forgetting to take GOOD pictures. Here are a few not-so-good ones; )

Ellie love to ride all the easy-going rides!

They both enjoyed the BUMPER cars!

This is the SPINNING ride! My dad and I were both so sick after!!! Ha!

There is a water park area and I didn't get one picture of them playing ) ;
I just got these two of the girls putting back on their clothes! But we had a fun time!

Thank you Papaw - We had a blast!!!!

The Big Day

I keep getting requests for more information about this day ; )
It was the most wonderful day ever!!! - July 1st -
I am so lucky to have such an incredible husband, who is loving, kind, compassionate, patient, loves his job - helping people everyday, and is the greatest friend I could ever ask for! He is also pretty handsome!!! We all have so much fun together - it has been amazing! The girls and I have been able to spend more time together then ever before here in Rio Rancho - we love it.

I get to see them all day long at school!
I love walking out to the play ground, spying on their Music classes,
and joining in the fun on their PE days!
*I was told I have to wear tennis shoes those days; )
(I have an open pull-out schedule being the Gifted Teacher and I love it!)
Bike rides, walks, crafts, dance shows, reading, cooking and baking, etc... ; )
The girls and I before we got married-
- Our closest, dearest friends were there, Brandon and Rachel -
Steve and Leah Lien