Sunday, July 13, 2008

Camping with the girls!

The girls and I went camping up above Lemon Lake, at Transfer Park. We had so much fun! It was my first time taking the girls and we did it all. Marshmellows, Smores, Hot Dogs, Mountain Man Breakfast, Hiking, Zip Cord, Fishing, Painting Rocks, Hot Springs... I'm so tired ; )

Ellie has a pretty bandaid on her head! She ran into the corner of my mom's coffee table!

Pictures by the creek.

Fishing for the first time!!! We went to this cute little pond with a great friend of mine. He lives on this property during the week. It's BEAUTIFUL there!

Painting Rocks! Thank you Tiffany!!!

On our hike the last day, Ellie wore this beautiful princess crown! She is so funny!

Dancing on the log!

Fun Memories!

4th of July!

We had the greatest 4th of July and no pictures : ( Ben and Kristina had to go to Santa Fe and we had Bella! It was a blast! The girls has so much fun together. There is only a few pictures to prove it and they are on Tara's blog. . We went over to see her cute kids!


We had so much fun when Jen Alvarez and her kids came to Farmington. Chloe loved playing with Ben and Ammon, and Ellie and Mia were fast friends.
One of the days we went swimming at my Ron and Mom's.

This is Jen's youngest Alaina, she is SO CUTE!

Aunt Diane created this amazing water park for the kids to enjoy. She is the greatest!


This is all that we have been doing all summer! I am teaching swimming lessons again and we are all turning into fish. Chloe and Ellie swim so well, and love the water. We have to drag them out each day!
I love this picture of Chloe!

Where have you been???

That is a great question. Really how many times have I said I'm back? lol Well, I'm finally updating a ton of pictures!

This is Chloe and Ellie right at the beginning of the summer! They are so big!