Friday, January 25, 2008

Building A Snowman!

I think that this was my time to play in the snow since I lived on Western! But we had a great time at Grams and Peeps house, building a 7 foot snowman - thank you Peeps, couldn't have done it without you!

Chloe rolling a huge snowball!

Ellie making the body!

My Mom is going to kill me! Check out those boots! (I think that they are Rachael's!)

Ron and the girls!

Ellie wanted a baby snowman too!

Snow Day! School was canceled for us all!

Getting Ready!

My Snow Angles

Cho's and Dan's House

We had a girl party on the way up to Salt Lake. My mom is the greatest! She came with us and made my trip 100 times easier!

The girls and Jack on Cho's bed watching Rugrats! Ellie and Jack look like brother and sister!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


(Sorry I feel like I'm playing catch-up with all these posts!) I have to pay tribute to Uncle Dan. All the kids love him! But I especially love him, he and Rachael have been the greatest friends to me this last year! They have allowed me to run away and hide at their house when life seems unbearable! THANKS! I love these pictures of him with girls!

Dan and Bella solving the "Worlds Problems!"

Ellie joining in on the debate. (If I remember correctly, they are discussing the sucker vs. banana nutritional facts)

Sweet Ellie Tye is 4 years old!

No Birthday cake this year, we had panCAKES! (We had a great breakfast party!) We celebrated Ellies birthday with all the cousins and her bestfriends Jack and Simon Tanner! Thanks to everyone for making her day special!

Funny story! My mom asked "What should I get Ellie for her Birthday?" I said "I don't know, just nothing big!" So here is her small present- the HUGE BEAR! Ellie loved it along with every other child at the party!

Christmas 2007

Since Kristina and Rachael did such a great job of posting Christmas, I'll just do the funny ones while the kids were waiting to go downstairs. The girls were so excited, but the babies were a little bugged that their sleep was interrupted!

Christmas was a blast this year! We were all together. It was so much fun with all the kids running around! There were a few unexpected surprises but still ended with great memories!

Decked out in our Christmas Best!

Chloe and Ellie looked beautiful in their Christmas Dresses this year!

Chloe, Bella, and Ellie

All the cousins! Jack, Chloe, Bella, Olea, Ellie - I'm bias, but they are all BEAUTIFUL!!!