Monday, February 23, 2009

Nora Grayce McPherson

I finally took the girls over to see Nora! They had to wait for their coughs and colds to go away. I still think they mauled her to death, but Nora was a great sport! She is the sweetest baby ever! We are so excited to have her sweet spirit in our family!

The girls took about 300 pictures of her. A serious photo shoot! I love this profile shot! Chloe took it!

Chloe thinks she helped name Nora. She kept telling them to name her Sarah Grayce, and she is pleased as punch that Grayce is her middle name!

When we were leaving Ellie said, "Nora feels like my Baby Doll, she is so cute and tiny!"

I think Chloe might grow up to be a photographer she loves to take pictures and did a good job at this one too!

THE GIRLS! We love you Nora!

"Finally we get to be Flower Girls!" - Ellie

The girls were so excited to get pedicures for their Aunt Rochell's Wedding. They both love to be pampered!

The final product! They thought they were so big, getting their toes painted. (All 7 flower girls were instructed by the bride to get french manicures; )

Look at those cute bare-feet, in January; )

Chloe loves to hold Analyse, they are both so cute! (That is Savanah's youngest!)

Ellie thought she looked like a princess!

Allison, Ellie, Saylor, Alivia, and Chloe.

Chloe is they only FInch granddaughter with beautiful brown hair.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I was trying to make my blog fancy- And of course I ruined it. I lost all my friends and other side elements! : ( I've always hated making mistakes, unfortunately I do it way too often!